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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Back to School

I really liked school when I was a kid. I was always good at academic stuff, and I guess we always like doing what we're good at. So when back-to-school time approached, I always greeted it with a feeling of excitement. Oh, there was sadness mixed in there, too. The freedom of summer was ending, and I was a kid, not a saint. Still, it was exciting to think of a brand-new school year, with brand-new experiences to have and brand-new stuff to learn.

A big part of it, of course, was shopping for new school clothes. I always liked that. I loved having new things to wear, and planning out which ones I'd wear on which days, and how great I'd look. That last part didn't always work out, but the excitement never went away. And I'd buy new notebooks and pencils and pens and erasers, and promise myself that this year, I'd keep everything looking nice. This year, my school notebook wouldn't look like a disaster area by the time the school year ended. That part never worked out; I've always been hard on things that I use a lot. That never seemed to dim my excitement very much, either.

Finally, there was the anticipation of the last few days, culminating in the First Day of School. I'd put on some of my brand-new clothes, and take up my brand-new school supplies, and go off to see what the brand-new year had in store for me.

Since leaving college, I haven't really done the back-to-school thing. I don't have kids, so for me, back-to-school has become something stores do once a year. Every once in a while, I'd vaguely remember what it was like, and be a little sad because that part of my life is behind me for good.

This year, though, I have back-to-school excitement all over again. It's largely an accident of timing, but it just happens that next Tuesday I start my new job. It's the same time of year I always went back to school (Seattle Public Schools always start the Wednesday after Labor Day), and I'm as excited about this job as I ever was about a new school year. And I've been buying clothes. After nearly ten years of working from home, I need to punch up my work wardrobe a little bit.

True, I've had to order them out of catalogs, because I'm still a size they don't really have in stores. So my newest clothes aren't actually here yet. That hasn't stopped me, though, from planning out what I'm going to wear on the First Day of School--I mean Work. And what I'm going to bring for lunch, and which bag I'm going to carry. Not to mention what I'm going to wear on the second day, and the third day.... I also know I'll wind up laying out my clothes the night before (as if I'd forget what I planned out), then have a hard time falling asleep because I'll be so excited.

Basically, it's just like old times. I'm going Back to School. Wish me luck. :)


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