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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spring Fever

When I was an exchange student in Sweden, one of the things I learned is that nobody gets spring fever like the Swedes. It's a function, I'm told, of the long, dark winters they have. Sweden is pretty far north, so the sun sets pretty early in the wintertime. And there are a lot of overcast days where it never really gets light at all. So when the days get longer, and the sun comes out, Swedes go a little nutty. They sit our stand out on their teeny-tiny balconies, exposing pale Nordic skin to the warm rays of the spring sunshine (with predictable results). They have a hard time concentrating on work or school. Spring has come, the long winter is over, and it's time to be outside.

I mention all of this because we in the Northwest face similar wintertime conditions. We, too, see a lot of overcast, and days where it never really gets light out. In late December, it can be full-on dark by 4 p.m.--a fact that I have a hard time convincing Californians of. So when spring comes, I think we get similarly distracted. It's hard to focus when the sun is shining after so many months of gloom and darkness. And, although I think we're a little more sensible with our pale Northwest skin, I think our level of spring fever gives Sweden's a run for its money.

And I mention all of that because this week I have spring fever really, really bad. I can't concentrate on work and I have way too much energy. And, since I work from home, I really have nobody but me to keep me in check. And this week I'm not doing such a good job of it.

I know that soon it will pass, and I'll fall into my summertime routine of grumbling because it's too hot out. For now, though, I'm just enjoying the spring.


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